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ZINE Tra The Gioi / issue 01 We Do Good

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Trà Thế Giới issue 01 – Love Machine, Machine Love

Artist Collaboration: Liên Phạm - Oneline Thinker - Kuro Tensai - Nguyễn Vũ Trụ - Nhân Phan.

Trà Thế Giới is a zine published by Wedogood with different theme/topic every season. We curate and work with artists. In the spirit of casual conversation, we connect with artists/designers/creatives all over to introduce the diversity of perspective through the format of this zine, and in turn also strike a conversation with our readers.

W200 x H280mm

Paper: Bãi Bằng Paper 70gsm


Wedogood is an artistic risograph creative studio based in Saigon, Vietnam. Our interest is in visual exploration, risograph printing, and other printed matters.

We offer risograph printing solutions and service while also looking for exciting collaboration opportunities from artists/ graphic designers.

Our drive to work is motivated by our dream of building a creative community through the printed medium.


Risograph Printing is a technique where each layer of color is converted into greyscale then made into a master which then will be used to print one color at a time.

Designers/artists all around the world are adapting the printing technique into their work to produce beautiful, vibrant colored artwork.

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