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Ayako Akai

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Manufacturer: Ayako Akai
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Ayako Akai

Illustrator / Painter

Postcards: 15cm x 11cm

Living with Fantasy...I express the theme of the gentle and sweet world that always exists in the depths of my heart in parallel even though the mind is occupied with the daily chores of adulthood and the overflow of information.

It is a world of sounds heard, colors and shapes seen for the first time, touches on the skin, and love received from the world in childhood.If you quiet your mind, you can always feel these scenes.

I was born in Japan and grew up in New Jersey, US for five years as a child. I am currently working as an illustrator and painter, strongly influenced by my childhood memories and picture books in US. I graduated from Keio University, and then went on to study at Kuwasawa Design School. After that I was instructed by Masao Aoki and Shinichi Fukui.I have a solo exhibition about once a year, and I mainly work on illustrations for books, web, advertising. Now I am based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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